Some tips for those who want to play without the Brave Frontier Cheats

If you have not yet played it, you will want to play it as soon as you have been introduced to this revolutionary game available for iOS and Android platforms. Brave Frontier is a new Role Playing Game structured for the mobile platforms. There are card battling system that makes maximum use of mobile display. The goal of the player in the game is to go through a number of quests and face challenges on the way. The player gets summoner powers to fight against Maxwell, who is the rogue god and  save the Great Gaia.

Since Brave Frontier is an online game, you will want to get ahead of other players, with or without the Brave Frontier Hack, that provides you with unlimited gems, so it is best to be armed with certain tips and tricks to play the game. The first trick is to line up as many team members as possible. Even though a team can have only five, you can edit your team as you go up against different elements. The dungeons have specific elements which you will have to beat with corresponding team members. For instance, for the Cave of Flames, you will want to use water elements.

Going up levels – The HARD way, using no Codes

As you beat the standard dungeon and go up levels you will face dungeons that are more difficult to beat (when you are not using the Brave Frontier Hack). The Vortex Gate dungeon is one fine example. When enemies have more than one element, send in the most powerful team you have. When you win against the Vortex Gate dungeons, you will earn the maximum rewards and rare units. In such ways, you will gain levels fast.

When you are close to the boss battle, you need to save the Brave Burst attacks for this battle. When you run out of energy or Zel, you can earn it by going back to the Town area. In the Town area, sell things that you don’t need on your storage. The synthesis items that are collected through battles can be sold to earn more Zel.

Maximum energy increases as one gains higher levels. In order to gain levels fast, you need to get experience point fast. This can be done by going to the weakest and easiest available in Vortex Gate. Even if you have beaten it already, you can beat it again and get a level up quickly.

Earning gems the HARD way

There are different ways to earn more gems in this game. The easiest way is to use our Brave frontier Hack to generate unlimited gems for you, but that’s the easy way.

By logging into the Facebook account and liking the game’s fan page you will get free gems. When a set of dungeons is defeated you will win gems. Save your gem for later use, the best usage of gems are for rare summons. By doing this, you will get powerful team member. Also, save your fusions to upgrade the rare heroes in your team.

Making use of the different items

You might not aware of the best suited function of some items that available in Brave Frontier. There are items that help you recover from poison or to heal, save up this kind of items. Karma should be used to your Synthesis so better items will be generated. Only use defense and attack boost items to fight against tough bosses. Revives are used to heal team members who have been defeated. The units which are rated two stars or above are beneficial in the game. These are rare units that are earned by beating the Vortex Gate dungeons or by acquiring rare summons. When you earn fusion fodder units and Metal Gods, you should not use them up all at once. These should be used one or two for every character whose level you want to increase. Use the units as separate fusions and do not use more than you need to. Common units can be used to reach maximum levels and you need not use fusion fodder units or Metal Gods for that. It is necessary to have a healer in your party when you are on tough missions. Even if it does not give one an elemental advantage, it is necessary to have healers. By checking on the Brave Bursts you will know whether one is a healer or not.

These are some tips that we collected from the internet. There are many other tips in this  site, but this one will definitely helps people who are new to Brave Frontier.

Playing without the Brave Frontier Hack

Since I started playing, I have focused on maximizing the use of the three little arena orbs you get in order to climb the ranks as fast as possible in order to obtain gems, spheres and zel at an increased pace. First, the basics: The BATTLE POINT (BP) gain from winning a fight can vary from a measly 10 to a whopping 200 points. The truth is that it’s really hard to play without the Brave Frontier Codes, and very time consuming.

The way the system awards the amount of points is quite straightforward.
Beating an opponent who has 3000 or more Battle points than you will result in a 200 point increase. On the other hand, losing to an opponent with the same 3000 point lead would result in a 10 point decrease. If you fight against an opponent that has exactly the same amount of Battle points as you, and you are playing without the Brave Frontier Hack, the win results in an 80 point increase while the loss results in an 80 point decrease. Similarly, fighting against an opponent who is 3000 or more points below you will award only 10 points for a win and reduce your rank by a massive 200 points if you lose. Other win/lose values fall between that range depending on how large the difference between BP of the two players is.

A decent team coupled with the fact that you attack first should allow you to win most of the fights against opponents who have a similar level, (blatant money spenders and whales excluded) even if you lose, a 10 point loss is easily regained when you win the next fight.

This is all well and cool you will say, fighting stronger opponents gives better rewards and that much is obvious. The real gem in this text wall is a way to find out EXACTLY how many BP your opponent has.

Brave Frontier has a hidden feature in the Refresh button on the Arena, tapping in a specific spot will enter a special mode where you can see exactly how many points an opponent has. The points will be displayed inside a parenthesis beside the opponent’s level like this:
LV 51 (12082)

To access this special arena mode you must tap a specific point of the arena refresh button that varies from device to device. The most consistent spot has been the lower right corner of the button. If that doesn’t work keep trying in other areas. The point is quite small and has to be triggered the first time you enter an Arena session. Once you know where it is, activating it should be easy enough.

That’s it! Learn where to tap, fight enemies with 3000 or more points above you and start racking up those Battle Points!