Brave Frontier is one of the most popular role play game, freely available on iOS and Android platforms. There are a lot of quests to do in this game and of course you can fight with other player in online mode. There are several ranking of units like one star, two stars, rare three stars, super rare four stars and even above that. The more the rare units in a party, the more powerful that party will be.

This is not one of your boring off-the-wall RPG titles for Android, this is one of the best. Stunning graphics, rough missions, and team work make this one of the best games to play.  Launch yourself into the beautiful world of Grand Gaia, the world of gods, to unleash your summoning  powers that you acquire throughout the game making Brave Frontier a sure-fire hit right in your pocket.

The number one RPG game in Korea and Japan. You will not become bored that easily, because every time you turn around you will be acquiring new beasts to summon ( over 200 ) with different powers that embrace the elements of water, thunder, fire, earth, light, and dark, thus giving each beast unique traits.

When you are indulged in the game, you will have various tasks to compete.  You will have to beat missions, but not alone, you will be able to have teammates to beat the missions with. As well as the Arena, where you get to fight your foes and earn rare equipment by just winning.

Another unique feature in this game is that you can harvest materials in your town and upgrade your fields to create powerful potions or craft new equipment that will easily help you defeat your opponents.

This game is a sure fire hit for the Android device and I am sure you will spend countless hours playing each aspect of this game.  Everything is breathtaking in this game, but you are going to have to download it yourself. So do it now and enjoy what Brave Frontier has to offer for your mobile device now!

This game requires a minimum of 1 GB of Ram, 300 MB is required on your phone ( make sure you use Wi-Fi), and an Android device of course. Enjoy this game guys and thanks for reading.

Novice Guide

As the game start off, the main quest mode will be triggered first. The battle system here is quite simple. There will be six characters in the battle. Hit on any one character to make them attack on the enemy that you choose by tapping. As the character strike the enemy, “Brave Burst” meter will rise. The Brave Burst attack can only be used when the bar is full. When you win, you will receive Zel, Karma and EXP. Those two are the main currency in Brave Frontier. You will also receive crafting materials and new units when you defeat enemies. After the completion of a whole quest you will also earn a bonus that sometimes include free gems, which is the premium currency. When you gain sufficient experience points to pile up the experience point bar, your level will be increased and your energy will be full restored. There is a major role of elements like fire, earth, electric, water in the battle. One element have advantage to one other element, for example water is strong against fire.

Tips and Tricks

The most obvious way to get more Zel and Karma is all the way through questing. The more you killing enemy outside the main quest, you will get extra Karma and Zel. They can also be earned from treasure chests which come up very frequently in your mission. Vortex Gate battles can help you earning big number of Karma and Zel. Simply just by battling in Vortex Gate you can earn more. You can also get large amount of Karma in the Monday dungeon or the Congregation of Souls, at the weekend dungeon. The Golden Vault can also be used to earn much Zel.

Two star units are very common just like the one star unit. If one star unit is evolved during missions it becomes two star unit. Similarly if a two star unit is evolved it will become a three star unit, and so on. The most fast and efficient way to get a five-star card is to get a four-star card and successfully evolve it into five star card.

Brave New World: A Brave Frontier Hacks and Cheats Guide

GUMI, Inc. has come up with another winner; Brave Frontier, a free RPG game that is ideal for IOS and Android platforms. The game consists of addicting features and set in the fantasy world of gods, the Grand Gaia. This game will surely test your mettle and skill as you battle to defeat the fallen god, get help from heroes and monsters and build your horde of gems that can make you become a mythical figure with the aid of the magic from light, earth, fire and water elements. Become an experienced fighter as you go along and be rewarded for a job well done. This game can be played all by your lonesome or with a group of friends that can be formed into hero squads.

This game is actually pretty straightforward that could be played effectively even by beginners. A Brave Frontier hack can make you see that the battle has six heroes as participants who rely on you on the way they take on the enemy. Each of the six heroes has their own characteristics, which will make you decide whom and what to use. The key to remember is to use a follow-up for every battle by using the Brave Burst meter. The way to activate this is to hold down on a character that has a full meter bar and use this to attack all enemies or specific ones.

Winning a battle gives you rewards like experience points, Zel or Karma that can pave the way for bolstering up your character. According to Brave Frontier hack, renewed strength and energy will be given to you for every level up to equip you for more battles and adventure. Magical powers can be gained from the elements that are brought in by water, earth, light and fire, but they can be both positive and destructive.

One way for you to advance your way to the game would be the collection of gems. They are your best weapon for a lot of things like replenishing your energy level or refilling arena orbs. They are a bit difficult to get though, but brave frontier cheats tactics would give you these gems for free without using real money. One way is to save your game in Facebook, as doing so gives you a free gem! Another would be to wait for events that offer free gems. A rise in rank when you are in the arena can also give you a free gem and completing a quest chapter guarantees a free too!

There are a lot of brave frontier cheats and tricks that one can be accessed online. Browse and search the web to find out how you can get ahead of everybody and be the hero of this game with the help of a reliable Brave Frontier guide!