Brave Frontier Hacking Guide

Since the game was released, it has forged its way to become the most popular and newest free to play RPG. Brave Frontier works on Android and iOS platforms. One can take quest in single-player mode, you can engage yourself in a very difficult and entertaining side quest known as the Vortex Gates, or you can just battle in the arena, or you can go for the raid battles.

At the beginners level the game is quite simple. At first you get introduced to main questing mode. At this first questing mode the battle system is quite simple. You will have six characters at your disposal for a battle. What you have to do is tap on a character of your choosing so as to attack some random enemy. You can tap a specific enemy to place a direct target on and then tap your character to attack.

When one wins he or she gets to earn experience points, Zel and Karma the main two forms of currency of this game. With the win you get new units and also crafting materials. You can use the crafting materials to craft new items in your town, and the new units can be added on to one’s active army of characters.

When you complete a whole quest area, you will earn bonuses and free gems too, which are the premium currency of the game. So to acquire many free gems as possible you will have to rack-up as many quest areas as possible.

When one has enough experience points for the level, the experience point bar level will be full and one gains a level up. And when you gain a level your energy gets restored, you use energy as you engage in quests. So you have to ensure you gain level fast so that you keep playing without having to use your earned gems. To gain level fast you have to rack-up many experience points as fast as possible, this can be accomplished by getting your characters many battles and ensure you win.

Tips and tricks for the game, and hot to download Ba=rave Frontier Cheats for GEMS

Elements do play a major role in any battle; they determine the blow your character can impose on your enemy or the other way around. You should always know that fire which is marked by red beats earth marked with green, earth beats air that is marked with yellow, air beats water that is marked with blue, and finally water beats fire. The light and dark characters will be strong against each other but will prove to be weak against opponents of the same type.

Here are some few Brave Frontier tips and tricks for you

When the going gets somehow tough, one can enhance their top party with a fusion. This is basically the only way one can level up their units, this will definitely increase each of their statistics. You do this by accessing the all units menu in tutorials.

If you engage yourself in tough quests or element-specific Vortex Gates, you will probably have a higher chance getting through if you assemble element-specific parties. In simple terms, for example you happen to go for earth-themed forest with beasts you will have an advantage going with a fire party.

Spheres do provide stat boost, and the rarer the sphere, definitely the better the boost. You will need to keep on upgrading the spheres area using craft materials, and as you keep winning tough battles you will find better spheres.

When in the arena ensure that you rank up in order to earn the various kinds of rewards. Every time one ranks up in the arena he or she gets compensated with a reward. You can check the rank into to find out what your next rank reward will be Note that Rookie to Novice you get one gem, another way to accumulate gems.

You can always cheat the arena to skip out on a specific opponent. When you hit the ‘Enter’ button and the press the back button, it will get you back to the ‘Enter’ button screen. When you hit the button again a new opponent pops up, you can keep on until you get an opponent you want to battle, may be one with a low experience level than yours.

This is a very interesting, adventurous, and fun intended game. With so many quests to accomplish you will definitely enjoy every bit of this game.

From getting free gems up to quickly leveling up, here are some Brave Frontier cheats and hacks for you.

1. Connect your account to Facebook. This gives you a free gem. But aside from that, this ensures that you won’t run the risk of getting your account banned.

2. To quickly and easily tackle a Vortex Gate dungeon or a quest, use a mono-element squad. Also, use Metal Ghost to finish off lower levels, and use Metal God for higher levels. Doing this will save you Zel points.

3. Speaking of Vortex Gate, go through the dungeons to quickly and easily level up (both main level and unit level). You can do this by tackling the easiest dungeon. Note that you can play and beat it again (and again) even if you have already beaten it before.

4. Aside from connecting your account to Facebook, getting free gems can be accomplished through the following ways: finish a chapter of a quest, participate in events that offer gems as rewards, and ranking high in the Arena.

5. For more Karma points, Zel, and Honor points, participate in Weekend Events. Weekend Events give more rewards that Daily Events. For instance, you can gain loads of Zel points in The Golden Vault during a weekend battle.

6. To have more Zel, you can go back and check out your Town area and sell off anything that you don’t need.It’s easy to earn synthesis items in battle, so you’ll collect tons of these items. That said, you won’t have difficulty finding some to sell.

7. Hitting the “back” button and then hitting the “Enter” key skips a player (or gives you a new one) in the Arena. With this hack / cheat, you’ll have more control and flexibility in choosing a player you’ll be fighting against. This is a great cheat in helping you find a player that you will surely beat.

8. Pay attention to free EXP and Zel from other users. Some of these currenciesand upgrades are available and given for free by other users from forums. For instance, one of the most common gifts from these users is the Metal God.That said, make sure that you have a lot of friends. Be socialand be friendly with the others. To send in a friend request, head over to the Social function and hit the Friend Request button.

9. Download a Brave Frontier Hack Tool. While some of the previously mentioned methods would give you free gems and Karma points, a Hack Tool gives you so much more. For instance, you can have Unlimited Energy and Unlimited Arena Energy besides Zel, Gems, and Karma points. The best part is, you can actually specify how much of these currencies you need. Surely, with these unlimited currencies and points, you’ll play more and tackle your enemies easier and quicker.

10. Last but not least, it pays to pay attention to news, forums, and the latest blog posts. Not only will you gain gems in the process, but you’ll have other freebies as well.