Brave Frontier is one of the most popular and anticipated free-to-play RPG games for iOS and Android platforms, developed by Gumi Inc. It has all the characteristics and performances a role-play addict could list. Grand Gaia, the world of gods, is your place of action. Defeat the fallen god, summon the heroes and monsters, participate in colourful battles, collect gems and build up your stamina with magical elements of water, fire, earth and light. Level up your character, gain experience points, collect your rewards and boost up your hero equipment. If your Android version is 2.3.3 and higher, you are welcome to kick into action, alone or together with your friends, in hero squads.

Basic Game Hack Guide

The characteristics of Brave Frontier and its battles are pretty simple. Six heroes are participating in the battle and you decide about which character will attack random or specific enemy. The main follow up of each battle is Brave Burst meter, which you activate by holding down on the character with full metre bar and releasing it against the specific, random or all enemies. Brave Burst feature can even heal your HP, depending on your character and his own burst meter.

Every win brings you Karma, Zel, experience points and various synthesis materials. Karma and Zel, as game’s currencies, can be used for leveling up and evolving the units within the game. Gems, as the premium currency, are presented after completing quest areas, or from other rewards and bonuses.

Similar to other RPG games, experience points fill up your point bar and level up your character. On each new level, your energy and arena orb will be restored, giving you full strength for new quests. The elements of fire, earth, light and water will also have strong influence, both positive and negative, in your quests and battles, depending on the type of the heroes and monsters.

More Advanced Tips

• There are many types of Vortex Gates, they are different each day. Make sure you save some energy to do Vortex Gates if you need any items or zel or evolve units. Totems are only available on Thursday Vortex Gate, you need them to evolve 4 stars to 5 stars. Weekend Vortex Gates are arguably the best to get zel and increase your level faster.

• Upgrade your sphere house in town faster to unlock more spheres. First facilities you need to upgrade is synthesis until you unlocked the giant cure, then upgrade both sphere and synthesis. Farm, mountain, and the others are less important for late game.

• Your unit can only be leveled up by fusion, which you are performing by sacrificing chosen unit to level up the main one. Metal units are the best for using during fusion, while jewel units should be sold for the currency of Zel. Save Mimics and Totems to evolve your units.

• Learn the timing of your units’ attack, create more spark to get more battle crystals and hearts and also to increase damage.

• Synthesis can be very useful to create items that you need in a battle. Make sure you synthesize cure items and bring them to the battle. Upgrading synthesis will unlock more items

• If you have sufficient Honor Points and Gems, use them to perform Honor Summon and Rare Summon. Use your gems only to Rare Summon if you don’t have many.

• You can have more than one squad, utilize this feature to create mono-element squads. Mono-elements are useful to finish your quest.

• Make sure you have a lot of friends. Having friends will give you two advantage, first they will give you exclusive items or honor points, second their leader and leader skill can be used in battle.

• Connect your account to Facebook, by doing this you will reduce the risk of losing your account. And you will get a free gem!

• To easily finish a dungeon, use mono-element and use 25%-50% element damage bonus as your leader unit. Use your unit with the most burst attack for Metal Parade, and use ‘boost spark damage’ leader skill.

• Use Metal Ghost for early level and Metal Gods for high level. This way you will save lots of zel.

• Easiest way to level up your main level and your unit level is Vortex Gate.

• Save your Brave Burst for boss battle, especially healing BB. You can level up your BB level by fusing same type of BB. For example if you want to level up heal-type of BB you will need heal-type BB unit as material.

• If possible, you might want to do Metal Parade when your level is about to increase, when your level increased after Metal Parade battle, your energy will be full-filled and you can do more battle which means more metal units.

How to Get Free Gems

Gems are really useful in this game, you can use it for many things from rare summon, refill energy, refill arena orbs, and other things. But, gems are only obtainable after you finish a chapter from quests which means you can only get a limited number of gems if you don’t want to spend money. There’s actually a trick for people who doesn’t want to spend any money to get gems. Here’s the full tips on how to get free gems:

  1. Finish any chapter of a quest
  2. Promote your rank in the arena, sometimes you will get gem
  3. Wait for free gems event
  4. Connect your account to Facebook (free 1 gem)
  5. Use Brave Frontier Hack Tool

There are many other way to get free gems, but the easiest way we recommend is by using Brave Frontier Hack Tool. You can download it from this page.