This free and exciting new Japanese Gumi Inc. app for iOS or Android takes users on a heroic and mystical quest. Once the game is loaded and you’re ready to embark on your new adventure. You are given the choice to connect using your Facebook account, where you will then receive a special in-game reward, or you may enter as a “guest”.

As your story begins you enter into the world of “Grand Gala” where you meet Lucius, the god of a gate, who has been waiting for your arrival. You are given a power to assist you on your journey to help bring peace to the world. Next you meet the beautiful goddess Tilith. She demonstrates the actions you need to take in a tutorial fashion on how to properly use the control buttons. You won’t have to worry about conquering any villains that come onto the scene alone! At your side to help are two faithful and loyal companions, Burny and Sparky. After a few sets of non-intimidating groups of bad guys, you are then up against your first “Boss”. As you progress in the game however, your story and journey builds and continues while the intensity, fun and addiction increases.

Want to take your game-playing skills even further? Here are a few Tips and Tricks to assist you to enhance your Brave Frontier experience:

– Combine Units. Once you get going in your game one of your first objectives should be to ‘strengthen units by combining them’. Karl demonstrates on how to do this in your “units” menu with the tutorial. By leveling up a unit it increases their performance.

– Earn More by visiting the Arena. Arena mode encourages you to combat your skill and wits against other players. In return you are rewarded with rank and prizes. Having a difficult time defeating your current opponent? Once you select ‘enter’ to go into the arena, you can then hit ‘back’ to return to the previous page. Once you ‘enter’ again, a new player will be selected to go up against you There are no limits on how often this can be done, so keep your eyes opened for someone with a lower record or inexperience to increase your chances of winning the round.

– Boost Your Attack and Defense. By taking advantage of your town, you can view or sell items, create potions and upgrade your facility. By visiting your ‘Synthesis’ location you can create special potions that will help you or an ally. Collect items throughout the game to increase your chances of formulating different helpful concoctions.

– Benefits of Spheres. Spheres can be obtained the first time you receive an Arena rank or once you are upgraded to owning your own Sphere building in your town. These spheres boosts your attack, defense, HP and resistance. It is recommended that you equip each member of your team with a sphere to increase their productivity to help assist you in each battle. Be sure to regularly upgrade your Spheres location.

– Visit ‘Vortex Gates’ Daily. Need a certain item but you’re having trouble finding it? Each day of the week certain items are rewarded on a scheduled system. Upon entering the Vortex Gates’ you will receive rewards being distributed for that day. Daily events are held to ensure you can retrieve the specific items you are looking for. The agenda for these items and rewards that are dispensed is as follows:

  • Monday – Karma, which is typcially used to synthesize Spheres and to upgrade buildings for your ‘Town’
  • Tuesday – Spirits, Elemental Nymphs and Idols
  • Wednesday – Mimics
  • Thursday – Totems
  • Friday – EXP and Crafting Materials
  • Saturday/Sunday – Zel, is used for fusion and evolutions

– Increase Your Maximum Energy by Gaining Levels. The more experience you gain, more levels you will obtain. Your maximum energy will rise on every other numbered level you gain.

– Earn Free Gems. You can gain free gems by conquering all the battles of a singular dungeon, signing in through Facebook, event prizes or ranking high at the Arena.

For some travelers it’s the destination, for others it’s the experience of the journey. With so many exciting ways of participating in this exhilarating and new adventurous expedition, you too can Brave the Frontier! Make the most of your new conquest, and enjoy the entertainment and thrill this great new game has to offer!